Autographed Flat Item (16x20 or larger) – Nolan Ryan Foundation

Autographed Flat Item (16x20 or larger)

$150.00 Sale Save
Autographed Flat Item (16x20 or larger)

Autographed Flat Item (16x20 or larger)

$150.00 Sale Save

The base price for sending in a personal item to be signed includes Mr. Ryan's autograph and a hologram sticker, serving as the certificate of authenticity.

Please mail personal items to be signed to:

Nolan Ryan Foundation
3400 E Palm Valley Blvd
Round Rock, TX 78665

Instructions for Sending in Items

  • Multiple personal items may be submitted in one order. Please make sure the number of items in your cart reflects the number of personal items you are submitting. (i.e., If you are sending in three baseball cards, make sure you have three items in your cart.)
  • You will be emailed a copy of your order confirmation upon completion. Print off a copy of your order confirmation to be included in your package.
  • Send your items, copy of your order confirmation and prepaid return shipping to 3400 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665.

Return Shipping

Item(s) must be accompanied with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and/or prepaid shipping label for return.

Any item(s) weighing more than 13 ounces require a prepaid shipping label for return and will not be accepted with stamps.


Please allow approximately ten to fourteen weeks for items to be signed and returned.

How long does it take for my item(s) to be returned?

The typical turnaround time for all orders is ten to fourteen weeks.

What should I include in my personal item mail-in package?

All personal items must be accompanied with a printed copy of your order confirmation that was emailed to you upon purchase and a self-addressed, stamped envelope and/or prepaid shipping label for return.

Any item(s) weighing more than 13 ounces will need a shipping label as opposed to stamps.

What does it mean by “Additional Description of Item”?

The “Additional Description of Item” is an extra form of information the Foundation takes for the very unlikely case that your item loses its label or gets mixed up with other items. For example, clarify which baseball card you sent in by describing it, such as “Topps 1979 Rookies,” in the additional description.

If it is a special edition item, please mention it in the additional description.

What if I don’t want a hologram authentication sticker attached to my item?

By default, we attach a hologram authentication sticker to all signed items, but we will do our best to accommodate this request. Please make note of this request at the top of your printed order confirmation in large print. You can also place a sticky note with this request on the item(s).

Can I make specific requests regarding the color, writing utensil, and/or placement of the autograph?

The Nolan Ryan Foundation will do its best to honor requests but ultimately the decision for size, color and location of signature, inscriptions and hologram placement rests with Mr. Ryan and the Foundation.

Please make note of any specific requests at the top of your printed order confirmation in large print. The Foundation has most writing utensils, but you are welcome to send in your own if it is rare (although we cannot guarantee that it will be used).

Can I get a custom inscription that is not on the product inscription list?

Unfortunately, the only inscriptions that we offer are those listed on the product inscription list as seen below:

  • “HoF '99”
  • “324 Wins”
  • “5,714 Ks”
  • “The Ryan Express”
  • “7 No-Hitters”
  • “1969 World Series Champion”
  • “Strikeout King”
  • Personal Greeting: "To [First Name]"


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ryan Needham
Huge poster, huge smile!

After being named Ryan because of Nolan Ryan, I got to send in a family heirloom. I Sent in a massive 3 x 4 foot poster, though it cost more to ship than to sign, I must say their responsiveness and quality was very reassuring. I will do business again! (Smaller item most likely)

Michael Flaga
3000 strike out litho

Mr. Ryan was the last autograph I need on it and I had been holding it off but need to get it signed by him. It turned out great Thank You!!!!

Kevin Valentin
300/3000 poster. & Kings poster

From NY moved to FL 10 yrs ago. Big autograph collector and worked the shows security. Was NYPD Detective at the time. Here in FL rarely ever anyone signing. I had my 300/3000 poster and Kings poster. Nolan Ryan was the last one needed for these pieces. I knew of his send away foundation and was truly worried my items would get lost, ruined or just disappear. But talking to people who have done it made me finally say go for it. Did exactly what was needed. Photos sticky notes and instructions. And patience.....Then Xmas arrived. Lol. Your email stating items are done . When they arrived EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. Truly sooooo happy and now looking to send my jersey and 3000 strike out ball. So you guys did a wonderful job and truly Thank everyone involved in making this happen. 5 stars and all Aces.!!!!!!

Michele Martinez

My mom bought me a photograph taken by Linda Kaye several years ago. I wanted it signed but didnt know where to go. This website got me what I wanted. It was quick and easy. I am so happy

Larry English
Stadium seat

It was great!!!